how to choose the perfect stroller

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with so many stroller options on the market choosing just one can seem overwhelming. the stroller you choose has to fit with your lifestyle, so knowing what you want your stroller to do for you is key. what works well for your friend or sister may not be what will work well for you. a big part of determining the best stroller choice is knowing the type of terrain you will be pushing your stroller on. let’s face it, the climate in Saskatchewan is a bit harsh so getting out with baby can be challenging at times.

good questions to ask yourself to determine the best stroller for you are:

1. where will i use the stroller primarily? at the shopping mall, at the dog park, at the lake, in the city to my local coffee shop, traveling?

2.  do i want to use my stroller and car seat together as a “travel system”? if so what brand of car seat do i want/have?

3.  will i have more than one child using the stroller at the same time (siblings close together in age)?




LIGHTWEIGHT WITH COMPACT FOLD // great for travel, shopping malls or smooth (snow free) sidewalks. this type of stroller will be easy to fold up and put in your vehicle for outings and trips. this type of stroller typically will not take an infant car seat, so there is no “travel system” option. the wheels will be small so it won’t be great for pushing on rougher terrain.



URBAN HYBRID // this type of stroller typically has multiple options for seat position (facing in or out) and an option to add a second seat to it for 2 children. it will also accommodate an infant car seat for the travel system option, an additional purchase of a car seat adapter may be required. the wheels will be bigger than those on a lightweight stroller allowing for easier pushing through rougher terrain. the size of this type of stroller will still allow for easy use in stores but will take up a bit more space when folded in your vehicle.



ALL-TERRAIN // if you want to be able to get out of the house and walk in all weather conditions, this is the stroller category you should be looking at. this type of stroller will have a 3 wheel design with larger wheels, as well as a suspension system. this will allow for ease of use on rough terrain. most will accommodate an infant car seat for the travel system option with the purchase of a car seat adapter. there will be an option to lock or swivel the front wheel giving the option for easier maneuverability (front wheel swivel) or the ability to push through deeper snow or sand (front wheel locked or fixed). this type of stroller is going to be heavier and take up more space when folded.



JOGGING STROLLER // a jogging stroller will give you all the same options as an all-terrain stroller but with a bit a few added features. a “true” jogging stroller will have a hand brake on the handle bar. the wheels will be large so that the stroller is easier to push while running and track straight. the wheels will have a rubber tire with an inner tire tube, which will require a bit more maintenance than a foam tire. depending on the model of jogging stroller you go with, the front wheel may have the option to swivel or be fixed, but some jogging strollers just have a fixed front wheel. if this is the case, maneuverability in tight spaces will be difficult.

we do have several other options within these categories. come down and chat with one of us. we’d be more than happy to answer all your questions!

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