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Posted by on May 30, 2018 in baby care, on-the-go

Feeding builds independence, is fun and is MESSY! How can our staff at CRAVINGS Maternity Baby Kids in Saskatoon make it a little less of a daily disaster? With our huge selection of feeding solutions!

We have so many but want to show off some of our favorites!

Bumkins Splat mat, to help control and contain the mess! Babies love to toss their food so this helps keep your floors clean! Also transitions to when they are older with messy crafts.

Boon has some great items to help things a little easier. Catch Bowls and Catch Plates suction to the table and don’t allow your child to throw it. It also has a catch lip to keep food in the bowl and less on their lap. The Squirt Spoon is one of the smartest products, for one handed feeding to keep baby and mess a little under control.

EZPZ Happy Mats, Happy Bowls, Mini Mats and Mini Bowls are the plate or bowl that sticks! It stays put and prevents slips, slides and tosses. Available in a bunch of fun colours to match your kitchen or baby theme!

Chewbeads newest release is their Silicone Catch Bib! Catching all the food falling in the easy wipe clean pouch as well as dishwasher safe to save you some time! With a few colour options and available in 2 packs!

Goo Goo Baby is a product we have carried for years and is a super smart design. The Perfect Pocket Bib Snaps forward and back to create the “perfect” pocket for catching up to ½ cup of mess, then unfolding for easy cleaning and no crevasses for food to get caught in. They are available in 2 sizes from 4 months to 2 years +, with tons of fun patterns. They are also available in a smock style to cover their arms completely, for messy food and arts and crafts later on!

Replay Products are a super popular and cost effective product. It is made from recycled milk jugs making it extremely durable and strong in a wide variety of items including plates, bowls, cups and cutlery, as well as every colour imaginable!!

These are just a few of the MANY baby feeding products that we love and we welcome you to come visit and pick out the perfect solution for you and your little one!

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