10 April

Water Baby Floatie Demo

New to CRAVINGS Maternity-Baby-Kids in Saskatoon is the Water Baby Neck Floatie, to make bath and swim time fun for both babies and parents. Enter the world of water baby where innovative products are designed and created with modern parents and babies in mind. You will find unique, quality products that are easy to use […]

21 March

Mi-Fold Booster Demo

Sometimes you cannot bring the booster with you, but you want to keep your child safe, so what do you do? Mi-Fold Compact Booster is the answer. Whether you are travelling, taking a taxi or sending them to school with a friend, this booster can go anywhere. Here at CRAVINGS Maternity-Baby-Kids our staff believes your […]

29 September

Baby Gate Safety

Baby is on the move! Kidco and The KiddyGuard Lascal are our top pick brands for baby gates in Saskatoon. Kidco gates are available in pressure mount or screw-in / angle mount, white or black colour options and are made of actual metal! Lascal is amazing with its sleek hide away design and fabric gate, […]

16 June

How to Choose a Car Seat

Pregnancy comes with tons of new and exciting things. One of those is picking the bucket car seat for your new family member. Here at CRAVINGS maternity-baby-kids in Saskatoon, we have the knowledge and experience to help find the perfect choice for you. We have SGI Certified Car Seat Technicians on staff to install your […]

15 June

How to Choose a Booster Seat

Picking the right booster seat for your child can be extremely nerve racking. When can they move up? How long do they need to stay in it? Weight limits? Height limits? CRAVINGS’ SGI certified car seat technicians are here to help! When you purchase a booster seat from CRAVINGS we offer FREE car seat checks […]