13 September

MakeMyBellyFit Jacket Extender Demo

Pregnancy is a new and exciting experience for parents! Most people think before having a baby that you have a basic idea of what to expect and what you will need. In most cases this is correct, but in a lot of other scenarios this couldn’t be more wrong. Think to last winter when you […]

3 August

Cuddly Wrap Demo

Sometimes your baby will not want to be put down, but you have a load in the laundry that needs changing, so what do you do? Do you let your child scream while you rush to change the load, or do you hold them and struggle one hand to accomplish your task? Or here at […]

10 July

Baby Hawk Mei Tai Carrier Demo

Sometimes you just want life to be a little simpler. After having a baby, nothing seems to be simple! CRAVINGS maternity-baby-kids wants to help change that for you. Introducing the Baby Hawk Mei Tai Carrier. With two straps around your waist and two straps over the shoulders this is by far the easiest, structured carrier […]

7 July

Tula Free-to-Grow Carrier Demo

Tula baby carriers are easy to use and comfortably snug. The Free-To-Grow carrier is one of the few carriers on the market that can be used from 7lbs and does not require an infant insert. Here at CRAVINGS maternity-baby-kids, we want to make your carrying experience as easy as possible and the Tula Free-To-Grow definitely […]

6 July

Beco8 Carrier Demo

Here at CRAVINGS maternity-baby-kids we are always bringing in the latest and the greatest products for you! The Beco8 by Beco is one of the newest carriers we have in store. This ergonomic baby carrier is a combination of all the features you could want. With 4 carry positions and light weight design this carrier […]