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it’s hard to remember the days when booming Saskatoon lacked for anything, but that was exactly the situation in which Jordana Jacobson found herself during her first pregnancy. refusing to compromise style while on her path to parenthood, she sought out fashionable maternity clothing and hip baby gear. quickly recognizing a significant void in the Saskatoon market, her search led her out of province where she discovered products offering both fashion and function.

with a dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur and a desire to bring the newest trends to Saskatoon, a career change became imminent for Jordana. in february 2006, the modern store for mamas launched with overwhelming success; cravings maternity & baby boutique (as it was originally named) hit the ground running with a driving force of passion and enthusiasm!

fast forward to 2013 and just like that belly bump, CRAVINGS continues to grow! now for the first time ever, everything mom, baby & big kid can be found all under one roof!  on september 14th, 2013 cravingsKIDS closed its doors and moved in with cravings maternity & baby at the newly expanded and renovated original location. check out the new CRAVINGS boutique for the ultimate shopping experience: 8th & preston, in the grosvenor park shopping centre.



CRAVINGS is a one-stop-shop for everything from belly bump to big kid! with every item handpicked, you’ll find a fresh and diverse assortment of products unique to CRAVINGS.

receiving both civic and provincial recognition, CRAVINGS boutique remains Saskatoon’s leading supplier and educator of all things mom, baby, and kids. Jordana and her staff have made every effort to create a warm and personable environment. say hello at the grosvenor park shopping centre on 8th & preston and receive the ultimate shopping experience!